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Sugar has been as important to Florida as cotton has been to other Southern states. If you stay in a discount hotel in Clewiston, you will be in the community that calls itself The Sweetest Town in America. This is thanks to Big Sugar, more formally known as the United States Sugar Corporation. Clewiston is located at the southern end of Lake Okeechobee. The nearby Pahokee State Recreation area is a popular place for picnicking, camping and boating. It draws many fishermen and bird watchers.Sugar, however, is the main story in Clewsiton. At one time in history, nations actually fought over control of sugar production, and it was a major factor in the slave trade. In the Clewiston museum, visitors can learn all about city history and the story of Big Sugar. They can take the Sugarland Tour, which includes visits to a sugar cane farm and a sugar factory. They will also see a lab where insect mites beneficial to sugar plants are bred. The museum tells the story of the construction of the Herbert Hoover Dike. You can also learn about the nearby training field for Royal Air Force pilots during WWII, and a prisoner of war camp. In the Municipal Complex and the Lawrence E. Will Museum, you can learn more of the towns interesting history, including the story of the devastating hurricane of 1928. It is represented by a Ferenc Verga sculpture. For information on cheap hotels in Clewiston check listings at