Hotels in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Details

Nearly every American teenager in the southeast USA has either been to or has thought about going to the City of Panama City Beach (Panama City) for their spring break holiday in March or April. It is located on the Gulf of Mexico in the northwest section of Florida that is known as the panhandle. When you look for your budget hotel in Panama City, be sure that you are aware of the fact that the city becomes a veritable teenage and 20 something party town during the spring, with 100,000 high school and college students arriving. Its a great time to go if you want to join the party, but a horrible time if you are planning on a quiet family vacation. The city is famous for its white sand beaches that the town claims are the worlds most beautiful beaches. A number of television shows are filmed on the beaches here each year that focus on the spring break parties. In November of each year, the Florida Ironman Triathalon takes place in Panama City as well.