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    Sarasota, Florida is a city that is full of arts and culture but also has an eye towards the beautiful beaches and fun activities in life. There are activities for every age group from children through to seniors, and hotels in Sarasota can provide tour information and ideas of where to go and what to see. Budget Sarasota hotels are a great option for families and travelers as they provide excellent accommodations with all the amenities, while leaving extra money for shopping, sightseeing and just enjoying the city. Booking online through makes finding just the Sarasota hotel you are looking for as easy as a click of the mouse.Many of the discount Sarasota hotels are located close to the waterfront or within easy walking distance of the beach and major attractions. For those that want to explore Sarasota's somewhat mysterious past, there are a number of highly recommended attractions. These include the Ringling Estate, reported to be haunted by at least one ghost, as well as the Sarasota Jungle Gardens which were actually developed on an old bog area. The Gardens are teaming with unusual animals and birds, making a great afternoon adventure. The Sarasota Opera House as well as the Golden Apple Dinner Theatre also have their past mysteries so don't forget to check them out.