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The town of Yulee, Florida, is in Nassau County, just to the north of Jacksonville. Restaurants here are known for their great seafood, especially the smoked mullet. Be sure to try it once you have booked into your budget hotel in Yulee. One of the interesting attractions in town is the Olde Mill House Gallery and Printing Museum. Here you can see displays of letter presses and moveable type. You can even have a hands-on experience operating an ancient printing press. Not far away is Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park where you can see native wildlife and the most popular resident, Lucifer the hippo. You can also descend into an inside-out aquarium called the Fish Bowl. The principal attraction at Yulee is the Old Homosassa Yulee Sugar Mills Historic State Park. David Levy Yulee, for whom the town is named, was Floridas first senator. He founded a 5,100 acre sugar plantation called Margarita. It was worked by about a thousand slaves. During the Civil War Yulee used his mansion on Tiger Tail Island in the Homosassa River as a storehouse for ammunition and other supplies. The house was subsequently burned down by Union forces. The sugar mill escaped serious damage, but it fell into disrepair after the war. It has been partially restored. Visitors can now go through it to see what life was like on an ante-bellum sugar plantation. For information on cheap hotels in Yulee check the listings.