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      Athens, Georgia is most widely known as the home of the University of Georgia, the oldest university in the state. The universitys football team, the Georgia Bulldogs, draws visitors from all across the nation when there is a home football game. Budget hotels in Athens are nearly impossible to find on a home game weekend, but can help you find the best options available.The majority of the interesting sights in Athens are located in the downtown district. This area is easily navigable by foot, so a discount hotel near the downtown area will be the easiest option. This is especially true because parking downtown can be a challenge; if you do drive and dont find an on-street parking spot right away, head to the parking deck on College Ave or to the parking deck at the Classic Center. Start your visit to Athens at the UGA Arch on Broad Street. The arch is the symbol of the city and the university and is the entrance to North Campus, the oldest part of the university. Snap a photo at the arch, wander around North Campus, then cross the street to visit College Square where a number of cafes offer excellent opportunities for people-watching in between your window shopping excursions. The Tree That Owns Itself is worth a visit, but ask for clear directions at your hotel.