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        Savannah, Georgia is one of the richest cultural regions of the South. One of the most important things for visitors to do when they visit is to take a scenic tour. These specialized tours point out important buildings and recreation areas throughout the region. You can also find numerous discount hotels in Savannah, Georgia situated right in the heart of this picturesque area.There are numerous things to do when you visit Savannah. Take a carriage ride through the park or go on a dolphin cruise. You will find fine dining in the heart of the city's historic region as well as shopping and nightlife. Wineries are popular tourist areas, as are the numerous golf courses in the region. The Tour of Homes takes you on a walking tour throughout some of the older buildings in the city. The Telfair Museum of Art is one of the country's oldest public museums. Many of these attractions are within walking distance of some of the affordable hotels in Savannah, Georgia.