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    Jane Addams Memorial Park Details

    Tourists who stay in budget hotels in Chicago near Jane Addams Memorial Park will find this stop is one worth making. This unique park was created between 1914 and 1919 by the city. The municipal pier and adjacent park were created during a massive project that involved filling in land that was submerged. The pier was used as a Navy training center during the World War I years and later became known as Navy Pier. The park itself, known as Navy Pier Park, was renamed the Jane Addams Memorial Park in 1996 after the Nobel Peace Prize winner.The park boasts a massive sculpture called Helping Hands. Created by Louise Bourgeois, the six-piece work of art, stands in honor of Addams work in creating Chicagos Hull House, which provided social services to the citys residents. Addams was also known for her tireless efforts in gaining legal reforms, including an eight-hour work day for employed women.

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