Hotels in Lake Shore Park

    Lake Shore Park Details

    Lake Shore Park put vacationers to the Windy City in close proximity to one of the regions most busy destinations. The park itself is a favorite for residents and visitors alike. It was constructed on top of sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan. The park was planned by the city for years before construction actually began. It originally served as a site for a state-owned armory before reverting to the parkland it was always intended for. The citys park district took complete control of the land in 1934.It is home to a fitness center, meeting rooms, tennis courts and baseball fields. It also has playgrounds for children, walking paths and a full calendar of events. It provides a perfect escape from the urbanized landscape of Chicago.

    Address: 808 N. Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60611, United States

    Phone: (312) 742-7891