Hotels in Lincoln

Lincoln Details would like to tell you about a little city in Logan County, Illinois. The city we are referring to is Lincoln, which was the only town in the US to be named after Abraham Lincoln before his presidency. Abraham Lincoln practiced law in the beautiful little city for twelve years until 1859. Lincoln is the proud home to two prisons and three colleges including Heartland Community College, Lincoln Christian College and Seminary and Lincoln College.For the first three years, the state house in Illinois was Vandalia’s Old Statehouse until 1839, when the capital was moved to Springfield. The Macon County Museum is a wonderful place to learn about the history of the region through local artifacts. The only courthouse where Abraham Lincoln practiced law that is still used is the Lincoln Courthouse & Museum. The courthouse is also where you will find the Black Museum, featuring a collection of guns from almost every period of American history. There are many other major attractions in Lincoln that you are not going to want to miss, so contact to get started planning a vacation that offers and experience filled with both fun and learning.