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    When people think of Illinois in the United States, they usually think of Chicago as being the main vacation site. However, this isn’t all the state has to offer. The city in Illinois known as Peoria makes for an ideal vacation destination as well. Peoria is home to pleasing parks, pools, centers and even a zoo. The foremost sites in the city include the Glenn Oak Zoo, the Peoria Park District Central Park Pool, and the Gwynn Family Aquatic Center. Children and adults alike will find the aquatic center and the zoo to be as educational as they are fascinating and fun.Peoria is also an optimal city to find any of the first-rate hotels you are searching for. While you’ll have no trouble finding hotels with the level of service and quality that you want, you also have to be careful to avoid paying too much. For that, you need the services of a booking agent who really knows the area, and no one knows the area better than Book with us, and stop worrying – you will have the best hotel for the least price, plain and simple.