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When most of us think of Indianapolis, we immediately think of the Indianapolis 500, known for being the most televised annual event in the world. But there’s more to keep you busy than just race cars if you stay here for the weekend. Indianapolis is a big city in the middle of Midwestern farm land, an as such has become the cultural Mecca for surrounding areas. Pick an Indianapolis hotel right in the heart of downtown and you’ll be close to all the sights. Of course, you should visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame where you can learn the history of Indy racing. For the true racing fan, you should also see Track Attack Racing School, where you can learn to drive a race car yourself.You should also be certain to visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the seventh largest art museum in the US, and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, a 356,000 square foot facility; one of the largest children’s museums in the world. Your kids can go rock climbing and ride a turn of the century carousel, among other attractions. Book your accommodations through to gain access to the many discount hotels Indianapolis has to offer as well as other hotels in Indianapolis. An Indianapolis cheap hotel is all you need, since you’ll be out and about for most of your stay.