Hotels in Louisville Amtrak Station

Louisville Amtrak Station Details

When looking for a way to get to Louisville tourism, be sure to check out Union Station which services Amtrak. You will not be disappointed with the comfortable seating and the excellent customer service you will receive. You will find that the Louisville Union Station is conveniently located near many of the best Louisville attractions.There are many things to do in Louisville KY and many people choose to travel by train because its much more relaxing. You will arrive at your destination much less tired than driving or taking a plane. This will leave you plenty of energy to take part in many of the activities in Louisville. This station was recently remodeled in 2001 which will give you a great first impression of the city. You will find many brochures and other information about the sights in Louisville scattered throughout the station for your convenience. When looking for a way to get to Louisville, Union Station through Amtrak trains is a great way to go.

Address: 720 West Muhammad Ali Blvd., Greyhound Station, Louisville, KY 40203, United States

Code: LVL