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You can find discount hotels in Morehead, Kentucky at The city, which is located in Rowan County, is a smaller city with a hometown feel. The city has long been an agricultural center for the region. It also had a large mining and logging operation during the 1880's. The city's population numbers fell drastically in the early 1900's as the logging industry dried up. Visitors can see the Rockville and Bluestone rock quarries that were also historically significant during that period.Stop by the Moonlight School founded in 1911 and founded by Cora Stewart. You can also tour the Rowan County courthouse in Morehead. Other popular tourist attractions include the Claypool-Young Art Gallery, the Kentucky Folk Art Center and the Minor E. Clark Fish Hatchery. The Clack Mountain Music Festival and the Cave Run Storytelling Festival are also big draws from the local counties. You can find affordable hotels in Morehead, Kentucky near many of these attractions.