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Although the town of Columbia, Missouri is rather small, it still has a number of interesting sites for the visitor. Whether you are interested in history and architecture or more modern cultural activities, check with and find a budget hotel that is convenient to what you want to see.The Avenue of the Columns is an unusual site, located at the current Courthouse. It’s a row of columns that come from one of the first university buildings, as well as pillars that come from the first courthouse. Nature lovers should make a stop at the Shelter Gardens. This incredible garden spans five acres and contains more than 15,000 different species of trees, plants, and flowers. Or, take a trip to Finger Lakes State Park for a variety of water sports. An excellent way to learn about a place it to explore the arts and crafts of its people, and the Bluestem Missouri Crafts gallery is the perfect place to do this. It has more than 250 Missouri artisans represented in its displays.