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The town of Columbus, Nebraska is located in Platte County, about 80 miles away from the capital of Omaha. It sits on the Loup River, near wear it joins the Platte River. About 22,000 people live in Columbus, which calls itself the “City of Power and Progress” due to its increasing use of hydroelectric power. The town is an agricultural and manufacturing capital in the region as well, so there are plenty of budget hotels for incoming business travelers or visitors – check for suggestions.The famous cowboy and performer Buffalo Bill Cody often visited Glur’s Tavern in Columbus, the oldest tavern in what was once the ‘Old West.’ Visitors can have a drink and imagine they are part of the early American frontier. If you want more modern entertainment, visit Agricultural Park. This horse racing venue is particularly busy and popular, with the Columbus Races each summer. For outdoor pursuits, visit Lake Babcock and Lake North and rent a boat, go fishing, or take a swim.