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The state of New Hampshire is in the far north eastern corner of the United States. It borders Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine, with the Canadian province of Quebec on the north side. This tiny state covers just 9,350 square miles and is quite densely populated by its 1,315,828 residents. This area of America is known as New England, after the colonists who settled the area, and New Hampshire is named after the English county of Hampshire. It became the first post-colonial sovereign nation when it rebelled and broke away from British sovereignty in 1776. From the Atlantic coast, New Hampshire rises to Mount Washington which is 6,288 feet high. The largest city in New Hampshire is Manchester, another English derivative, with the capital being Concord.New Hampshires main regions include the Great North Woods, the White Mountains and the Lakes Region. Mount Washington claims the worst weather on earth as it consistently suffers hurricane force winds, every 3rd day on average, and only krumholt (dwarf matted trees) will survive. Hampton beach is a popular summer destination, as are the Isles of Shoals.