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The fourth largest city in New Hampshire, Rochester is home to a profusion of fragrant lilacs. This has caused it to be dubbed the Lilac City, and every spring, visitors flock to Rochester to see the famous flowers. Rochester has many natural attractions for visitors and locals alike. It is situated quite near to the New Hampshire Lakes region, the Seacoast, and the White Mountains. Ski resorts dot the White Mountains, and during snow season, Rochester is a very popular destination. In the summer, the memorable beaches of the Seacoast, and the fishing and boating in the Lakes region again make Rochester a mecca for tourists who are looking for a location where they can rest and relax. If you are looking for small town New England hospitality, Rochester is the place for you.Festivals, fairs, and parades are commonplace the year round in Rochester. There is a Winter Fest each winter, a festive Lilac Family Fun festival that takes place in the spring, an annual Fourth of July festival complete with fireworks, an agricultural fair each fall, and a Christmas parade to end the year. Don’t miss the Lilac Mall, the Rochester Historical Society Museum, and the Rochester Opera House. Restaurants in Rochester serve both local and international cuisine that is sure to please. Bargain hotels in Rochester exist, but may be difficult to find on your own. can find a hotel to suit your specifications while saving you money that you can use for other aspects of your trip.