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New Jersey is a great place to visit on vacation if you know where the attractions are, and Clifton is just the kind of place that’s chock full of them. Shopping and taking in a good movie are a few of the various attractions which can be visited while on a trip to Clifton. The city is home to some delightful places to see and fun things to do including the Loews Theatres, the Clearview Allwood Cinemas 6, and the Linens n’ things of Clifton.When taking your time to explore the shops in the city, one could get a nice cup of coffee and something to eat at any of the cafés in the Clifton area. However, you’re also need a great place to stay and for that you need a qualified booking agent who really knows the area – you need With, you’ll always get the room you’re after, and pay not a penny more than you’re ready to pay.