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The village of Chester is in Orange County, New York. It was incorporated in 1892, and was named after the city of Chester in England. Chester is in the middle of dairy country. If you are lodged in a budget hotel in Chester, you will soon learn of the communitys main claim to fame. It was here, local people insist, that Philadelphia cream cheese was first made. The French say that cream cheese was their invention, but that argument carries no weight in Chester. Local historians say the cheese is Chesters, and the name Philadelphia was chosen because in the 19th century that citys name was associated with fine food. Other famous food brands associated with Chester are Cow Brand, Clover Brand, World Brand, Star Brand, Neufchatel, Fromage De Brie, and Disigny.After youve checked into your discount hotel in Chester, take a stroll around town and see the numerous historic plaques. During the Revolutionary War Chester was an American artillery encampment and an assembly place for the militia. You can see signs marking the sites of the first Presbyterian Church in Chester, as well as the first grist mill, post office, and railway station. Chester is right next to Goosepond Mountain State Park. This 1558 acre park has a bird sanctuary, as well as trails for hikers and horseback riders. According to legend the notorious Loyalist guerilla leader Claudius Smith hid out here during the Revolutionary War.