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          Mastel Mastel Gallery Details

          Mastel Mastel Gallery is a New York Museum that showcases painting, sculptures, and multi-media from emerging artists. Visitors who would like to see the art on another date are asked to contact the gallery to make an appointment. Most of the art displayed is contemporary. Some say that Mastel Mastel Gallery is the first of its kind. It's best known for creating Digital DUMBO, a three-day festival that showcases digital arts. The Digital DUMBO festival held at Mastel and Mastel is usually held in September.

          Since the festival's first presentation, its popularity grew so much that there are eight venues located and presented beyond the Washington Street location that's home to the gallery. Visitors who go to the festival will see art made by using the latest technology. Different types of art displays include digital art shows, moving image screenings, demonstrations, presentations, sculptures, and discussions of various venues. Those interested in going to the festival are invited to visit Mastel Mastel Gallery to get a downloadable copy of the schedule that's designed for Palm Pilots. Paper versions of the schedule are also available. Digital DUMBO is free and open to the public. So are any seminars, shows and screenings related to Digital DUMBO.

          Address: 70 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

          Phone: (646) 452-1300