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When you are ready for a relaxing get away, be certain to remember the city of Smithtown, New York as an optimal place to do just that – get away. The city has several sites where one could go to relax and enjoy the peace including the Smithtown Park, the Caleb Smith State Park, and the AMF Smithtown Bowl. It is quite possible to get lost in the park for hours just enjoying the delightful scenery.Smithtown hotels are plentiful and also well known for outstanding service and amenities. However, with so much to do here, you want to find the kind of hotel that fits all of your needs. You want the kinds of service and amenities that you’re accustomed to, the location close to all the attractions you want to visit, and most importantly of all, the price that fits your budget. When you absolutely need to make sure that all of these key pieces fall into place, you only have one choice –