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    On you can find discount hotels in Utica, New York that will let you enjoy the citys rich park system and its year-round recreational facilities. Utica is in the Mohawk Valley and the Mohawk River, the Erie Canal, and the New York Thruway all run across the northern part of the city.When you stay in a budget hotel in Utica, New York, youll have a number of options to explore the history, arts, and culture of the area. You can start with the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica to learn about all of the landmarks in the county. If you want to learn more, try the neighboring Oneida County Historical Society, which has information about the history of the central New York region. A number of museums are found in Utica, including The Childrens Museum of History, Natural History, Science and Technology, the National Distance Running Hall of Fame, and the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art. Other attractions include the Mohawk Valley Ballet, the Utica Symphony Orchestra, and the Utica Zoo.