Hotels in Hershey

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      Budget hotels in Hershey are a great place to stay when visiting the Chocolate Capital of the United States. Many of the attractions in the area center on the world famous Hershey Candy Company and explain its importance to the local economy. Hershey Chocolate World offers tours of a working chocolate factory and samples of their delicious confections. Visitors can visit three different areas: the History of Chocolate, the History of Hershey, and How Your Favorite Candy Is Made. Kids will enjoy riding the singing cow tram through the factory tour. Hershey Park is a large amusement park dedicated to family fun. The park has game arcades, rides, and food all set in beautiful surroundings.Nature lovers will also like the cheap hotels in Hershey offers. Hershey Gardens is a lush park with several different landscaped areas and wilderness areas. The park has displays, a Koi pond, and a frog pond. The Zoo America North American Wildlife Park educates visitors on North American fauna. Examples of various snakes, bats, crocodiles, alligators, and deer are only a few of the many animals on display.