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Great Smoky Mountains Details

The Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee are an extension of the Appalachians. For a wonderful vacation or even just a relaxing weekend, Great Smokey Mountains National Park is a terrific destination. You can enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and biking amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States. Guests staying in Great Smokey Mountains hotels are not far from the city of Knoxville. There is plenty for visitors to see and do in Knoxville, beginning with the Gateway Regional Visitor Center. Knoxville’s Old City, with its late 19th century buildings is a charming place to stroll, have a meal, and shop. See the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, James Blount’s Fort, and Blount Mansion. The Frank H. McLung Museum has some fascinating exhibits depicting pre-Columbian Native life. If you visit Knoxville in April, you can see the annual Dogwood Arts Festival.Great Smokey Mountains hotels cater to all travel budgets, from the expensive to the bargain rate. For information on discount hotels, Great Smokey Mountains cheap hotels and other low cost accommodation, please go to