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The Ohio River Basin supports such important communities as Cincinnati, Ohio; and Louisville, Kentucky. Whether you plan to spend a vacation here, or only to visit for a weekend, Ohio River Basin communities like Cincinnati and Louisville have plenty of interesting things to see and do. Guests staying in Ohio River Basin hotels can explore the Riverwalk in Louisville, and the Riverfront in Cincinnati. Another important site in Cincinnati is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which commemorates the part the city played in providing refuge for escaped slaves in the years before the Civil War. Also see the Cincinnati Museum Center. In Louisville the big attraction is the annual Kentucky Derby. But even when the Derby isn’t running, see the Falls of the Ohio Fossil Beds, the Louisville Science Center, and the Kentucky Derby Museum.Hotels in Ohio River Basin towns like Cincinnati and Louisville cater to all travel budgets, from the expensive to the bargain rate. For information on discount hotels, Ohio River Basin cheap hotels and other low cost accommodation, please go to