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Silicon Valley Details

Silicon Valley is the name given to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area. The name came from the large silicon chip industry located there, but it now is used as a general term for all high-tech manufacturing. Surrounding Silicon Valley are a number of interesting places to spend a vacation, or even just a weekend. Guests staying in Silicon Valley hotels can visit Palo Alto, where the main attraction is the Stanford University Campus. A sort way down the highway is the unique Museum of Pez Memorabilia. At Menlo Park, 48 kilometers (30 miles) south of San Francisco, visitors can see the oldest operating train station in California. Among the interesting sites in San Jose are the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium, the Winchester Mystery House and the San Jose Historical Museum. Kids will love the Children’s Discovery Museum. Take a ten minute drive to Santa Clara, and go to a great theme park called Paramount’s Great America.Hotels in Silicon Valley cater to all travel budgets, from the expensive to the bargain rate. For information on discount hotels, Silicon Valley cheap hotels and other low cost accommodation, please go to