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Charleston is a historic and charming city in South Carolina. It dates back to 1670, and is now one of the largest cities in North America. It is situated on the banks of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. Charleston became a huge port and trade center, doing business with the southern colonies and exported rice and indigo from the nearby plantations, and naval supplies. Charleston’s history is interesting and colorful as it was often attacked from both land and sea. The only remaining building in the original city walls is the Powder Magazine, with its three foot thick walls. Charleston is known as the ‘Holy City’ for its interesting skyline with many church steeples and spires.Nowadays Charleston is a pretty and historic city, attracting many visitors to the old slave market, the promenade along the waterfront, and the historical architecture. There are many guided walking and horse drawn tours around the old streets. A good selection of accommodation is available at, including several budget hotels. Charleston homes have a unique architectural style with a grand front door on the street leading to the “piazza” which is an open walkway down the side of the house to the real front door. As living rooms were generally upstairs, this meant the front door could be open for the breeze and the door on the street was for security. The homes are still the original wood; the black cedar from the bogs was well-seasoned and hardened and lasts forever.