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        History buffs and art lovers will want to book a room at one of the discount hotels in Stevens Point in Wisconsin, United States. This area is home to the Ice Age Trail. Dating back thousands of years, the trail is an original footpath used during migration during the Ice Age. It continues for 1,000 miles over various types of terrain. Along the way families can experience outdoor activities and see many different wildlife habitats. Another tour is the Hidden Studios Tour. This unique tour takes visitors on a meandering path to discover local artists in their natural environment. Tour groups are able to meet the artists and see how their works are created.Budget hotels in Stevens Point in Wisconsin, United States are in close proximity to the famous Museum of Natural History. This museum allows guests to get up close and personal with nature. Exhibits range from dinosaurs to rare species with special activities held every month. Close to the museum are the Downtown Murals. Painted on the outside of some of Stevens Points brick buildings, the Downtown Murals relate the history of the area. There is the Riverman, the Market Day, the Window into the Past, and more.