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    Because the hotels in Punta Del Este are becoming so popular, prices are starting to rise. However, if you find yourself in Uruguay with a free weekend, Punta Del Este is a must. Punta Del Este hotels have been branching out and offering more and more facilities to their guests which has really helped boost the reputation of the area. For those in search of discount hotels, Punta Del Este has plenty to offer, while Punta Del Este cheap hotels are centrally located and offer very good accommodation.You can find out everything you need to know about Punta Del Este accommodation by checking out Punta Del Este is a very popular tourist spot and has been visited by a lot of famous people, from Naomi Campbell to Antonio Banderas. The Casapueblo is a very interesting museum showing the local art and culture, while the Mueso del Mar is one of the most fascinating marine museums in the country. La Barra is also a must see for visitors. What really attracts visitors to this place however, is the beaches, which offer bathing, snorkelling and kite surfing, among other activities.