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      Tashkent Shahri is the capital city of the province of Tashkent and is also the capital of Uzbekistan. In medieval times the province was called “Chach” or “Chach City” which means town or city. This evolved into Tashkent (City of Stone) by which the area is known today. Tashkent Shahri started as a small settlement on the Chirchik River. It had a square citadel which predates the 5th century BC. Over the next 200 years Tashkent became a trading center for Sogdian and Turkish nomads and a network of 50 canals was developed. There were over 30 towns in the area. In 1219 the city was destroyed by Genghis Khan, but it survived and grew to around 100,000 residents by the early 1800s.Tashkent’s turbulent history includes a huge earthquake in 1966 when it was rebuilt as a model Soviet city with wide shady streets and modern apartment blocks. Today visitors may visit the Kukeldash Madrassa, the Chorsu Bazaar and the Telyashayakh Mosque as well as many other fine buildings, museums and theatres. Accommodation including budget hotels can easily be booked here at