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    Ho Chi Minh City Details

    If there is one city that will take you more than a weekend, Ho Chi Minh City is it. This is a place that you should really take your time with and not rush through. The good news is that hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are very comfortable and affordable. Ho Chi Minh City hotels are also full of interesting visitors. This is a city of contrasts, and the old and the new come together seamlessly. Ho Chi Minh City hall and the Reunification Palace are symbols of the new Vietnam. However, all around you are symbols of the old. The fine arts museum is full of the best of Vietnamese art and culture. The old town and the French colonial district are also very interesting areas which show a lot of the history of this country. If you want discount hotels, Ho Chi Minh City has hundreds, and Ho Chi Minh City cheap hotels are easy to find, right here on