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      Vietnam is a splendid place to go for a visit. This is especially true when considering the captivating city of Hoi An. Within this small town you will find huge marvelous buildings with elaborate designs and colors, with a prime example of this being the Triều Châu Assembly Hall. This hall is something out of a story book and is a small sample of what you will find in this enchanting city. Other fascinating attractions in the city include the Museum of Trade Ceramics and the Museum of Sa Huynh Culture.Drawing people to Hoi An yearly is the Hoi An Beach, which is a long sandy beach along the relaxing waves of the South China Sea. Hotels near the Hoi An Beach and other discount hotels can be found with ease when using as your source. Here is where you will discover optimal deals on first-class hotels in Hoi An and book them quickly, without trouble or delay.