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      Quang Ninh Details

      Quang Ninh is a large province on the north east coast of Vietnam. It is bordered to the east by the Gulf of Bac Bo and to the west by forests and mountains. It also has a common international border with China. Quang Ninh covers an area of 8,239 km2 which is 5938 km2 on the mainland and over 2000 km2 of islands, bays and seas. It has a dense population of 1,067,300 inhabitants. Quanh Ninh has midland and coastal plains which form fields and river basins. More than 80% of its area is mountains and hills, to both the east and the west. The midlands and plains are densely populated and are suitable for agriculture and transport. The climate in Quang Ninh has 4 defined seasons. Monsoons abound in the hot rainy summer season, while the winters are cold and dry. There are many wild animals in Quang Ninh including monkeys, deer, wild boar, eagles, birds and tortoises. The Gulf is a plentiful source of seafood such as mussels, oysters and lobsters.