Hotels in Mekong Delta

    Mekong Delta Details

    The Mekong River flows through the Mekong Delta. This “River of the Nine Dragons” creates and breathes life into the region. Visitors to Mekong Delta hotels leave them to explore the floating markets on the river. They make trips up and down it, exploring the region. Some go from their hotels in the Mekong Delta to visit Ho Chi Minh City or the Greater Metropolitan Area of Saigon. Staying can be expensive. Look in for solutions that match your budget. Consider Mekong Delta cheap hotels or discount hotels. Mekong Delta than becomes a feasible vacation stay.Although there are 200 or more pagodas, you might want to see you can manage the city of Ho Chi Minh/Saigon in a weekend. The Mekong Delta, however, stretches beyond. You might want to go to the market town of Mytho on the Bao Dinh Canal and visit the Dong Tam Snake Farm or the Temple of the coconut Monk. There are also many small islands in the Mekong Delta worth a visit.