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    Yemen sits on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula and is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman. Discount hotels in Yemen near Crater are in close proximity to many historical sites. Kawkaban, or Old Town, is situated in the middle of the city. Visitors can tour the market, the ancient gates, and several important mosques including Almadrasa and Alsharefa. Crater is one of many small towns that make up the larger city of Aden. The city of Aden is surrounded by daunting fortress walls dating back over 1,000 years.Budget hotels in Aden near Tahner are the best place to stay for a visit to the National Museum. The Dar-al-Shukr, the Palace of Gratefulness, has a large collection of pre-Islamic artifacts, artwork, and historical documents. Another must see sight in Yemen is Sirah Island. This island has withstood many attacks through the ages and still stands today. An Islamic Arch honors the islands history. The Sirah Fortress located on the island is built completely of stones and offers wonderful vistas of the port.