Hotels in Hadhramaut

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Hadhramaut Details

A governorate of Yemen, Hadhramaut occupies the southeast section. It stretches along the Gulf of Aden to Oman. Here, you will find a varied geography of coastal plains, interior plateaus and coastal ridges. You can book a hotel in Hadhramaut at many of the province’s small and larger communities. This includes the historical center of Shibam and the capital port city of al-Mukalla. Hadhramaut hotels in any of these destinations provide comfort and respite during your trips around the area. Although Arabic is the major language, English is in wide usage.Escape from your Hadhramaut hotel to the ancient city center of Tareem city. Here, you can visit the famed al-Mehadar Mosque. Its mud brick minaret soars high above the city at some 125’. Alternatively, head for Shibam Hudhramaut to wander through the al-Kaf Library or admire the beautiful palaces. Shibam is the Desert city of Skyskrapers. Its distinct mud brick architecture consists of many tall apartment buildings. If you prefer a coastal site, book your charming budget Hadhramaut hotel in al-Mukalla overlooked by the 19th century Castle of al-Ghuweizy. Visit the souk or take a ship for the archipelago of Socotra. If you are wondering where to stay, check here at to make locating the right type of hotels in Hadhramaut.