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          Many people dream of waking up in hotels in Vienna. They long to wander the streets of the city humming the Blue Danube Waltz. They want to leave Vienna hotels to see St. Stephen’s Cathedral or to promenade on the Grauben. Some will stay in Vienna cheap hotels or discount hotels. Vienna can be very expensive to those on a budget. It is also a place requiring you stay more than a weekend. Vienna is a large city and region with diverse offerings. There is the Doll and Toy Museum, the House of Music and Mozart Haus Museum in Vienna. There is also the Augustinian Abbey in Klosterneuburg and the Cistercian Abbey in Heiligen Kreuz. Check with for affordable accommodations.You may wander to Luxenburg to see the imperial palace and park built for Franz I. Franzenburg is noted for its medieval folly. In Mayerling, you can see the hunting lodge where Crown Prince Rudolph shot himself. You can also wander off to Fischamend to see the painting of the Last Supper in the Parish church by F. A. Maulbertsch.