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The city of La Massana in Andorra has many delights to offer the wayward traveler. One of several small provinces that make up the relatively little explored country, La Massana features a host of worthwhile attractions, without being as crowded or overwhelmed as many of the more popular vacation destinations. While here, you can go hiking in the Coma Pedrosa mountains, taking in the revivifying country air and enjoying the magnificent view from one of the highest peaks in the region. However, if exploring the region’s history and culture are more your speed, there’s plenty of opportunity for that as well. The Andorran parliament building is a significant attraction that acts as a nexus for local activity. When you feel like unwinding, Canillo’s ski resorts are just a short distance away.If you’re looking for discount hotels, La Massana is a fairly good place to do just that. As one of the smaller and more intimate destinations around the world, has much success in offering attractive hotel packages in this area.