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              Manaus is on the Rio Negro in the Amazon rain forest. A mere 6.2 miles away is where the Rio Negro and the Solimoes meet to become the Amazon River, and it's an amazing sight not to be missed. Being so centrally located in the rain forest, Manaus makes an excellent starting point for excursions into the Amazon on comfortable river boats. There are a number of museums in Manaus. The Museu de Ciencieas Naturais de Amazonia has many different preserved fish and insects from the Amazon Forest and an aquarium with live fish. The Museo do Homem de Norte is an anthropology museum that houses a large exhibit on the Amazon dwelling Caboclos people. The Museu do Indio has many artifacts from Amazon indigenous tribes from the Amazonas and Para states. These museums and others are easy to reach from the discount hotels in Manaus.There is much more to do in Manaus than visit museums though. You can visit the busy harbor port of Porto Flutuante. Some visitors take a short boat ride up the Rio Negro to the beach named Praia da Lua to enjoy a swim. In Manaus the Zoologico do cigs has many fascinating native animals like the anaconda and jaguar. Manaus is a large city and there are many comfortable budget hotels in Manaus including several near the Centro Cultural Palacio Rio Negro. Built in the early 1900s it is an opulent residence now used as a cultural center.