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      The Red Sea Riviera derives from the Taba Heights, an exclusive beach resort. The region roughly includes the Gulf of Aqaba on the Sinai Peninsula. People arrive in hotels in the Red Sea Riviera to soak up the sun. They lie on the beaches at Sham El Sheikh or Dahab. They also leave their Red Sea Riviera hotels to dive in the blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. Many are willing to stay in Red Sea Riviera cheap hotels to afford the privilege of diving and swimming among the coral reefs for more than a weekend. The Red Sea Riviera can be expensive. Check with for accommodation matching your budget, including discount hotels. The Red Sea Riviera then becomes affordable.Diving and snorkeling are major pursuits of holiday goers on the Red Sea Riviera. You can dive into the Canyon and the Blue Hole off Dahab or go to the three coral blocks of Abu Ranada. Alternatively, you can visit the ruins of a Crusader’s Fort on Pharaoh’s Island or visit the Red Sea Mountains further inland.