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    Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey is an important medieval village in the Alpes Maritimes province of the department Alpes-Cote d’Azur. It is known to be Napoleon’s historic passage on his way from Elba in 1815. The families of Grasse chose to settle in this charming village. While mountains line the north and the east regions, the south and the west form the lush green limestone plateau. The astounding views and the local surroundings can hold anyone spellbound. If finding a reasonably priced discount hotel is one of your concerns, then you can let go of your worries because has some fantastic cheap hotels on offer.Once you have made arrangements for your hotel accommodation, you can concentrate on the things that you can see and do. There are a lot of ruins that you can explore such as the medieval ruins of Rocca-Dura and the Cavagna caves. You can also visit the Herbier museum and the prehistoric caves of the Audides. And if you are interested in a pilgrimage, then the Chapel Saint-Jean is where you should go. Apart from sightseeing there are other outdoor activities such as a botanical trail, hiking trails, marked trails, horse riding, tennis and other recreational facilities.