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La Petite-Pierre represents a great place to stay when visiting the beautiful and culturally important French department of Bas Rhin. You can find hotels in La Petite-Pierre which are suitable for enjoying the local attractions. Just remember to use for your needs. While you’re in the local area, remember to visit some of the surrounding cities for what they have to offer travelers. Of course, La Petite Pierre itself has an abundance of attractions to offer in its own right.Easily one of the most popular destinations in France, La Petite Pierre is home to many churches. There is the Temple Saint-Paul, one of the oldest Catholic structures in the country, the Église Saint-Pierre and Église Saint-Nicolas, two famous examples of classical French architecture, and several more, all of which are worth your time and attention. There are numerous buildings of interest too, such as the Lycée des Pontonniers and Palais du Rhin.