Hoteller i Marquay

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Marquay Details

Marquay is a small village in the Dordogne Region of France. This is one of France’s most beautiful areas, filled with castles and beautiful countryside. Marquay is small, and many visitors choose to rent cottages while visiting, but there are also some hotels in Marquay, France to choose from. Book early with for the best selection. While visiting Marquay, be certain to enjoy the National Museum of Prehistory. It has the most important Paleolithic collection in France. The Lascaux Caves are also a wonderful attraction. The caves have some very impressive paintings on their walls, mostly realistic drawings of animals. In addition, you’re certain to enjoy the Chateau de Beynac, a 12th century castle built by the Barons of Beynac. The castle is quite impressive, even boasting double moats. Don’t forget to enjoy all the wonderful French food and wine that are so abundant in this part of France, too!