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A part of the Aquitaine region, Mauzac et Grand Castang is a quiet village located in the Dordogne district of France. The Dordogne River borders the village, and the view from Le Theâtre is outstanding. Le Theâtre is a terraced area that once was a vineyard, and visitors will want to see the stone igloos known as bories as well as the scenery. Visitors should take the time to stroll around the village to take in the surroundings and the ambience in the area. The budget hotels in Mauzac et Grand Castang are noted for good service and comfortable rooms.The steeple that graces the top of the Grand Castang church was once a defense tower, and is an attraction that is well worth seeing. Constructed during the 14th century, the top half of the steeple is older than than the bottom half of the steeple, which dates from the 12th century. Visitors to Mauzac et Grand Castang will also want to plan a day trip to Saint-Meard-de-Gurcon so they can enjoy the lakeside beach, waterslide, pedalos, and horseback riding. Canoeing is very popular in this area, as is water skiing. Book a discount hotel in Mauzac et Grand Castang before you leave home for Germany to insure you get the type of accommodations you desire.