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    Located on the picturesque Rhône River, Beaucaire is the holiday destination for those not so interested in the hustle and bustle of busy tourist destinations; but those who prefer the simple things nestled in an historic village. Situated in southern France, with a population of almost 14,000, Beaucaire is quiet and pretty, yet has enough to see to attract tourists into its boundaries. is here to help with finding those Beaucaire hotels which will compliment your holiday.Probably the most famous event to engulf the township each year is the festival of Drac, which occurs in June. Drac is, according to local folklore, an invisible monster which can change form at will. He is represented in the festival by a snake which makes its way through the town. Provided the thought of an invisible snake doesn’t shorten your trip and confine you to your Beaucaire hotel room, a visit to one of the many historic landmarks should also be on the cards. These include Church of Notre Dame des Pommiers, The De Clausonnette Hotel and place de la République.