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Historic, beautiful and for generations dominated by the vineyard industry, Sainte-Anastasie provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and history of France without crowds of tourists detracting from the experience. Visit "The Upper Village" while you are here. This historic part of town stood for a long time unused but has recently become the focus of renovation efforts by the town. Other historic sites, such as the old stone bridge, the gate of the parish church and La Porte Renaissance church itself recall the passage of time that has left this village, in some regards, relatively untouched.You'll quickly adapt to the unhurried attitude that characterizes this village and enjoy the famous hospitality of the French countryside. The food, of course, is amazing! Hotels in Sainte-Anastasie benefit from the quiet atmosphere and the beautiful scenery. has several options for Sainte-Anastasie hotels, both discount hotels and more upscale accommodations.