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Tavel, on the borders of both Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence, is most famous for its rosé wines, and thirty of Tavel's esteemed wineries are actually open to the public. For those who are not into wine, Tavel offers other joys. You can go hiking on mountain trails, walk along the Route de Vignoble, take a dip in the town's pool, or even play tennis. You can drive to Uzès, 25 minutes to the west, to see a charming medieval village or attend the Saturday market, one of the most colorful in France. You can hike, swim, or take a boat along the river under the Pont du Gard. Orange, with its antique theatre is also nearby, and can be reached from the wine roads (with, perhaps, a stop at the Village of Chateauneuf du Pape). Tavel is a ten minute drive from the TGV's Avignon station, or about 15 minutes from Avignon's airport., so sightseeing in Avignon (don't miss the Palace of the Popes) and Villenueve les Avignon (with its magnificent cathedral) are also within reach.After a fun-filled day of touring and wine tasting, you can relax over a good meal (with, of course, a Tavel rosé) at one of Tavel's restaurants, such as Auberge de Tavel, Guinguette des Pres, or Restaurant la Genestiere. is the best way to get a great deal on a discount hotel in Tavel, so that your family's stay in the heart of France's wine country is an enjoyable and memorable one.