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The perfect way to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Val-de-Meuse area is by booking a discount hotel in Montigny-le-Roi, France. Visitors will not want to miss the fantastic fountains that are the centre point of this picturesque town. Nearby is the octagonal laundry, which dates from 1850 and is built around a natural spring. Montigny-le-Roi is well known as the source of the River Meuse, which flows for almost 1,000 kilometres, emptying in the Netherlands. The brothers Camille and Ernest Flammarion were born here and from a monument to the astronomer Camille, there are spectacular views across the Meuse valley.Booking a budget hotel with in Montigny-le-Roi gives visitors access to many designated walks around the countryside. The landscape is fascinating at all times of the year. From this base, it is easy to reach the neighbouring villages of Avrecourt, Thorn, and Lecourt Maulain by a walk or bike ride through the beautiful scenery.