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The charming town of Issodun is situated in the heart of France in the Indre departement, and is surrounded by chateaux and vineyards. Issodun is steeped in history, with connections to Medieval times when Richard the Lionheart battled for control of the town, the French Revolution and to the D Day Landings. There is so much to see and do in Issodun and the surrounding area that it is an ideal base for a vacation, and hotels can be booked via The nearby Château de la Ferté is the perfect destination for a day trip, whilst the historical buildings in Issodun worth a visit. Issodun is known for its literary connections and was a favoured vacation destination for Balzac, who was inspired by the area. Why not take a walk around the Tour Blanche and the district of St Jean described in his book, La Rabouilleuse?The residents of Issodun place a great emphasis on quality of life, and so the town has several beautiful parks and walks. Even today Issodun is a stage in the ancient pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela, and attracts walkers participating in the route. Issodun is a well known gliding centre, where the sport can be enjoyed by flying over the beautiful Loire Chateaux. The town has an ice rink and a wave form swimming pool, which are ideal for entertaining families. With so much to see, Issodun is an ideal destination and has something for everyone.