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Biscarrosse is a captivating city in the country of France having many of the finest places to visit in the country. One of the foremost sites of the city of Biscarrosse would have to be the ancient Biscarrosse Elm Tree. This enchanting tree is said to be the oldest elm tree in all of Europe, having been planted back in the year 1350. When travelers go to visit this grand elm tree, they can learn about the history of the tree and legends surrounding it.Other exciting sites in the city to visit include the Cinéma La Renoir and the Adventure Parc. Having a night of entertainment is as simple as having a fabulous meal and topping the night off with a movie at the Cinéma La Renoir. Hotels in Biscarrosse are quite near the cinema and other sites, making it convenient to visit them without traveling far through the city. Check here at for the latest deals on the discount hotels in the city to book.